Your medical history available to the emergency professional.

Direct access to medical record credential

Advantages and Characteristics
The fundamental characteristics of DATASALUD Card are:

OPPORTUNITY: allows to provide information on occasions where life or death are decided in a few minutes.

PRECISION: minimizes medical error by providing patient information to help. Millions of people in the world are allergic to medications or other agents, have coagulation problems, arrhythmias, diabetes, etc. Not having such information in the emergency can put your life at risk.



How to consult health data and contacts?

In the emergency, or when you want to consult the health data, it is necessary to complete four steps:

1. Go to in the section 'Medical record' or from the button 'Direct access to medical record'.

2. Enter the 'Security code' printed on the credential without leaving spaces.

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3. If you have the type and document number of the person carrying the credential, they are also uploaded to see all the data..

How to consult health data and contacts?

Card details

Parts of the card
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